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Hello, I am Amy Andersen, president of one girl one light, LLC (OGOL), and author of The Love Triangle short story for teens and adults, and The Rock and the Ripple children’s book. OGOL is a publishing and seminar company which focuses on emotional health by promoting positive base beliefs - how you think and feel about yourself, life, and others. We publish short stories and books for adults, teens, and children related to emotional wellness and acceptance of self and others. We believe in equality and self-fulfillment for all people. Our books and seminars have a “spiritual quality” without a particular organization or viewpoint (other than love), and will fit with any individual or collective belief system.

The mission of OGOL is to enhance individual, family, and universal well being through aligning thoughts and emotions with love through education and a focused wellness practice. Our tool box consists of books, seminars, and related products to accomplish this task. OGOL’s books and seminars focus on creating love connections or pathways in the brain that support emotional health. We believe emotional health is the key to a good life and starts in the brain with practiced thoughts of being valuable and safe. Our books and seminars are also designed to heal the effects of practicing negative thoughts regarding self value and safety picked up from painful past experiences.

OGOL’s seminars and books for teens and adults guide you step by step to achieving greater personal awareness, self acceptance, and self fulfillment. The two greatest human needs are to feel valuable and safe in the world, and the best way to meet these needs is through learning loving communication and interaction styles, self practice, self love and self fulfillment. OGOL is committed to helping you and your loved ones create an emotionally healthy life together.

OGOL also offers children’s books to give the children in your life fun, positive, and empowering messages/images from the time they can look and listen to stories. OGOL’s books promote the power of the individual to make a positive difference in the world. Check out our newest release, The Rock and the Ripple on the Books and Products page!

OGOL will not discriminate on the basis of gender or gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, criminal record, religion, or disability.

Amy C. Andersen, M.S.E., NCC

President, OGOL, LLC

Welcome to one girl one light llc — or OGOL!