Amy Andersen

IMG_1170Amy Andersen with family.

Hello!  Have you ever imagined YOU could change the world?

I believe you can!

I believe ONE person can change the whole direction of a home, school, community, city, state, country or even the whole world! So I wrote a short story about it, Only Love, and now take that story on the road to schools to teach your students how they can impact the world in positive ways.  I believe each one of us has an important role in making the world a better place for all people. This positive change starts with a healthy mind; a dream inside your head that ripples out in continuous positive acts flowing into a river of change. I also wrote a story about that, The Rock and the Ripple!

For a look at the books, see the BOOKS page. For a peek at programming, see the PROGRAMS page.

As a counselor, writer, and motivational speaker, part of my role is to help others create a healthy mind, believe in themselves, and connect to their big dream. I created One Girl One Light, LLC (OGOL) to help with this task. The books and workshops I have created will fit with any individual or collective belief system, or public or private environment.

OGOL offers books and workshops that help each person in your school community feel valuable and safe and reach their full potential.  The two greatest human needs are to feel valuable and safe in the world, and these feelings start with a healthy mind. When a mind is healthy and free from worry, it can focus on learning and building good relationships.

YOU can make a positive difference in any environment when you are focused on the winning team –Team Love!  My school workshops are designed to help your students and staff see and use their own personal power to create an inclusive and positive school or work environment.

For a look at the books, see the BOOKS page. For a peek at programming, see the PROGRAMS page.

OGOL will not discriminate on the basis of gender or gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, criminal record, religion, or disability.

With warmest wishes,

Amy C. Andersen, M.S.E., NCC

President, OGOL, LLC

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